Special Offer

For just $67.50 for the first computer, plus $31.95 for each additional computer, CFC will conduct an Onsite Audit and Assessment Analysis of your BIOS, Operating Systems, and Software applications. That's a savings of $31.95 on each of your additional computers being tested. (Databases are quoted separately)

Also included is a Fitness Checkup. CFC will check your Memory, Hard Disk Drive Storage, System Resources, Device Management Conflicts and Virus Protection.

A detailed report with recommendations will assess your specific requirements for upgrade and compliance readiness.

A Healthy Computer is a Happy Employee

Are your Computer Operators complaining about hangs, slow file and application access, corruption, shut down problems and network disconnects. If so, they need not be! Your computers need a Fitness Check and recommendations for resolving the unnecessary difficulties.

Give us a call:      623-476-7048

E-Mail: derisman@computerarizona.com   

Onsite, Honest, Friendly, Support

- CFC strives for a WIN/WIN Relationship

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